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Manual Therapy Institute was established in 1999 as a continuing education resource for registered manual therapy practitioners. We have generous colleagues and mentors who have openly shared their knowledge and we feel a mechanism is needed to continue the dissemination of this wisdom.

Our courses emphasize the holism of the body while providing participants with hands-on skills, models of clinical reasoning and existing supportive evidence. It is our hope that the information we pass on will enable practitioners to broaden the scope of their clinical expertise and to achieve more effective results particularly with clients that often fall through the cracks of many manual therapy practices. The courses offered are ideal for practitioners at the start of their careers or looking to transition from their existing style of practice. Manual Therapy Institute has evolved over the decades to become a leading resource in recent graduates advancement in manual therapy training


mugshot3Haydn Gambling. B.App.Sc (Physio) APAM JSCCI Graduated from the University of South Australia school of physiotherapy in 1989 and has worked in his own private practice Synergy Manual Therapy in Adelaide treating clients with chronic pain and dysfunction for over 25 years.  Haydn has taught extensively in Australia and Europe since founding the Manual Therapy Institute in 1999. Haydn has taught Manual Therapy course at Nuffield Health in the UK since 2009 and Australia since 2010. Haydn completed his certification to teach for the Jones Institute in Australia in 2013. He has also teamed with James McEwan to deliver the recent graduate mentorship program.

Keiran smile compressedKieran Doyle App. Sc (Ex & Sport Science). M. Phty. APAM SPAM MCSP MAACP Graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and then completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. He has worked in Australia and abroad in the United Kingdom managing clients with acute injuries and recurrent chronic pain and dysfunction, including elite athletes. Kieran currently works in the private practice Healthfix in Sydney. He has a keen interest and expertise in shoulder related pathologies including working with overhead athletes and has undergone extensive external coursework and lectured on this subject. Kieran completed his training to teach for MTI in 2014 and has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the latest integrative manual techniques and research.  

James McEwan. B.App.Sc (Physio) APAM JSCC

Graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia and established Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy in 2011 to provide the best in manual therapy services. James has a passionate interest in strength and conditioning training, injury management and prevention, functional movement, Crossfit, cycling and all things to do with the ocean.

He has continued extensive post graduate study and training to be able to offer highly skilled assessment and treatment. He attained certification in Jones Counterstrain techniques in 2013. After a serious cycling accident at the end of 2013, James has experienced firsthand, the whole process of restoring both physical and psychological function from injury. James is passionate about sharing his clinical knowledge and co-presents a mentorship program for newly graduated therapists, REHAB Trainer and Rocktape courses in addition to assisting on Counterstrain courses.

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