Build Your Niche Practice



Many therapists working in mainstream clinics suffer with compassion fatigue, burnout and career attrition from seeing too many patients for too little reward. How different would your life be if you could see half as many patients but still earn multiples more? The key lies in creating a niche practice servicing high value clients. These are the clients who are not only willing to pay you more for your time and expertise, but fit in around your schedule, follow your recommendations and even wait for you to return from leave rather than see another practitioner.

This extensive online course (which is currently completely free) covers the four industry mega-trends that have contributed to the current trap of the system, the secrets to career happiness and new paradigms in understanding the origin of pain, subjective and objective assessment, manual therapy, exercise prescription and a complete pathway to transition from mainstream to a niche practice.

The key lessons from over 25 years in a successful niche practice have been distilled into a dozen written topics, videos and self reflection work tasks to help all therapists achieve a significant, sustainable and rewarding career.

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