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        For those who’ve attended a Choose Your Path event or a manual therapy course that I’ve taught, I’ve often stated that I support “clinically based evidence” rather than “evidence based practice”. That’s not to say that EBP doesn’t have it’s merits, it’s just to say that it largely ignores the experience of both the practitioner and their clients. It appears that I’m not alone in this belief as you can read for yourself on this excellent blog – Why I’m at odds with Evidence Based Practice. I appreciate that you may not have been offered this perspective during your tertiary education so I’ve opened this topic to begin a discussion on the issue.

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          Recently attending the APA conference in Adelaide gave me mixed opinions about research in physiotherapy. On the one hand, there were some incredible studies being presented, with cutting edge technologies and treatment techniques especially when it comes to Virtual Reality for rehabilitation. We really do need to look to the evidence to guide us in these areas, I believe. And yet there are other areas of physiotherapy where the evidence is almost behind clinical practice and hasn’t quite ‘caught up’. Grant talks about this in the article you have shared (above), with his example of back pain. He suggests that we know clinically that poor posture / sustained postures can contribute to the aetiology of back pain, and yet the research is still inconclusive about exactly why / how that happens.

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