Systemic Inflammation

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        A brief case history and reminder that sometimes when you’re not getting the results you’re expecting, it may have nothing to do with you! A 55 y.o male presented last year with extreme low back pain, unable to sit or straighten fully, much like a acute disc but with no recent trauma. Previously he had responded very well to manual therapy and counterstrain for low back pain but not this time. After several sessions over a month, we were concerned enough to scan him which confirmed disc inflammation. Long story short, he found a practitioner who sent him to a holistic dentist who thought that one of his root canals was the issue. On removing the tooth, he had an immediate and near complete cessation of his low back pain and in combination with anti-inflammatory dietary changes, he was quickly back to normal. Food for thought the next time one of your patients is not changing as you had hoped!

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